Better Engagement. Greater Understanding. Right Decisions.


Know what your customer is thinking and feeling - right now.

Access to real time analytics - understand areas in which you succeed and others that need attention.

Build a conduit to engage and re-engage with direct marketing.

Create 'feedback loops' that empower customers to quickly share thoughts on service, quality, cleanliness, ambiance, location and the likelihood of repeat business.


Engage your community and create 'feedback loops' where none existed. Hear from a vastly larger segment of the community.

Maximize key elements of polling and promote participation to increase the probability of producing data sets which accurately represent community sentiment.

Clear, always accessible analytics and insights - Warple’s on-demand dashboard makes interpreting real-time results effortless.

Warple’s insights promote effective, proactive and prioritized messaging. Make decisions based on the best available, most current information and know how best to engage your community.

News Media

Gain competitive advantages and create differentiation.

Enhance consumer engagement to extend visit durations and pages per visit.

Gain insights to tailor content and maximize interest/relevancy.

Make engagement and interaction an integral part of your user experience, both on-line and over the air.


Hear all their voices.

Effective and affordable community engagement that promotes awareness and inclusion.

Track changes over time to understand what a community thinks right now and know what they thought in the past.

Create 'feedback loops' that empower community to quickly share their thoughts on civic and social issues.